Bootcamps & Group Training

The Firm U now offers bootcamp style strength & conditioning classes, HIIT classes, yoga and massage.

GROUP EXERCISE offers many benefits such as exposure to a social & fun environment, a safe & effectively-designed workout, a consistent exercise schedule, accountability for participating in exercise. We’ve recently added YOGA classes to our schedule. Benefits of practicing yoga from improved flexibility, strength, muscle tone & balance to stress reduction. Experts estimate over 90% of disease is stress related and nothing ages us faster inside and out than stress. Regular MASSAGE THERAPY can do a world of good for stress reduction. Other benefits: faster muscle recovery after exercise, decreased anxiety, better sleep, more energy, and improved concentration & circulation.   Prices are as follows.  Gym membership is not required to take advantage of these prices.  Read below for detailed class info and links to instructor bios and reserving your spot.

HIIT The Firm Bootcamps

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts build cardiovascular fitness and strength. HIIT philosophy is to work at 100% effort for a specified period of time, followed by a short recovery period. The intensity of these workouts increases the body’s oxygen requirement, raising heart rate and burning more fat and calories than steady state aerobic exercise. The strength sections build and maintain muscle while boosting endurance.   Classes emphasize workouts by combining a variety of moves and equipment.  Deborah Noel and Lee Epps are your instructors for these group classes:


HIIT Full Body Focus
HIIT Upper Body Focus
HIIT Lower Body Focus

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HIIT The Firm – Core/Stretch

30 minutes of core and 30 minutes of stretch.  Core class focuses on strengthening the core stability muscles in the abdominal, low back and glute regions. A strong core is essential in maintaining the health of your body and deterring injury. Each class focuses on form, toning, and building strength in this area. Instructors use a mat and may incorporate bands and hand weights at teacher discretion.  Stretch class is full body static stretching to increase flexibility, aid in muscle recovery and encourage mind/body connection through relaxation and deep breathing at the end.  Reserve your space in class by clicking here.

Firm U Body Strength & Conditioning

Class instructors use dumbbells, bands, resistance or medicine balls along with body weight to increase total body strength, balance and endurance.  Reserve your space in class by clicking here.


Yoga instructor, Jayme Altemus, currently offers Hatha yoga which emphasizes longer holds, breath work, and proper form and alignment to improve flexibility, mobility, balance, and strength, especially of the stabilizing muscles of the body. It’s an excellent way to recover from strenuous workouts. While generally a relaxing style of yoga, it is also invigorating and challenging – perfect for beginners and experienced yogis alike!  Reserve your space in class by clicking here.