They followed our BioFirm System which consists of three components, Biomechanics (Resistance Training), Biochemistry (Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition),Bioidenticals (restoring optimal internal hormonal balance).

The beauty of the BioFirm System is that all three of these components are under one roof and are scientifically integrated together to give the client optimal results.

These people pictured below are now “Firm Believers” in The BioFirm System, you could be too! “You have to get here before we can get you there”

We have several methods of keep track of your progress, our fastest and lest uncomfortable is our “state of the art” Tanita bio-impedance scale. We use this type of scale to get a “snap shot” of what’s happening on the inside so we can better help the outside.

The Tanita bio-impedance scale accurately measures your body composition in pounds for muscle, fat, water and body fat %, (shown below) not just total bodyweight like a common bathroom scale

The Tanita bio-impedance scale keeps a “running record” or history of your progress (also shown below) so we can make adjustments in your training if needed to get you to your fitness goal like the people above.

Written by: Ray Bessette

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