Linda Johnson, NTP, INHC
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Find YOUR path to health

Hippocrates said ‘Let food by thy medicine and medicine by thy food’.

You are the CEO of your body! And, you are in charge of your health, not your doctor. I can help you get back to listening to your body. Your body has the innate intelligence to heal and function properly if given the right ingredients!

As a breast cancer survivor at age 49, I learned what it was like to be victim of a terrifying disease at a relatively young age. I was fit – I just wasn’t healthy. Today, more and more people are experiencing illness, disease and chronic health concerns at younger and younger ages. Many of these can be prevented or managed with adjustments to lifestyle and habits.

I have a passion to help you find your health through identifying and filling gaps in lifestyle, nutrition, and supporting habit changes. If you suffer from fatigue, mood swings, digestive issues, unexplained weight gain, brain fog, inflammation or chronic pain, are afraid of fat in your diet, are always hungry or have cravings, or just don’t feel as good as you used to (and you know who you are), I can help uncover what’s keeping you from your best health.

I have 15+ years’ experience as a competitive athlete. I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Nutrition Health Coach and Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. Let me help you find your path to health.

Contact, Spring Personal Trainer: Linda Johnson now and achieve the best health!

Written by: Ray Bessette